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I have like 10 unfinished blog posts and multiple projects just floating around that I've been unable to get anything past 40% 🙃

someone come finish my work for me plz

oops I let expire again

rly need to do something with this domain this looks so good and has many things i wanted to build into glitch 🙃

i'm going to spend three months this year working on my virtual pet site again, i wonder if i can turn it into a real business again lol

i've purchased $150 worth of meme animal shirts from this website and i may just buy them all

meant to post this here too but these were my choices for eurovision, unfortunately my favs did not win :(

It's really weird to revisit all of these early days, because looking back it seems like I was doing something innovative and "big" but I was just writing PHP at 3am responding to user tickets 🥴

There were a few opportunities where I was offered a low 7 figure buy out that would have changed my life, but it just always felt... gross and wrong? I'm really happy I was in a place that I could make decisions like that

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hey i wrote an article about how it's possible i created micro transactions (sorry!) and an early implementation of loot boxes (sorry again!!). I started Subeta when I was 13, and learned a ton 😬

oops my mastodon instance was just down for like a week because of an expired certification 😭

my whole body aches from moving a massive aloe plant from our front yard yesterday and general gardening

does this get easier? am i just old and out of shape?

i did not think i'd be able to visit / see my immunocompromised sister at all this year, but it's looking possible!

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I *think* this makes us the first unionized tech startup, the number of folks involved has changed a lot after layoffs & general attrition but it’s really incredible to see come together

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what will today’s fresh horrors bring

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