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TruthSocial, Fediblock, pol adjacent 

As you may have seen in the news today, Trump's media team has set up their own social network "Truth Social".

What they aren't admitting is it's actually just a Mastodon instance with all the Mastodon branding removed, including all of the messages acknowledging that it is FOSS, as required by the software's free open source licence. This is breaking the terms of the licence, and is essentially stealing the software from the volunteer community which made it.

This kind of behaviour cannot be accepted by anyone who believes in FOSS. Keeping to the requirements of a FOSS licence is fundamental to building software together. If powerful people get away with stealing FOSS, people may be reluctant to build FOSS in the first place.

Hopefully someone will take legal action, but in the meantime we can block these instances in case they try to federate:

#Fediverse #Fediblock #TruthSocial #Trump #MastoAdmin #Mastodon

made the mistake of tweeting about tailwind and now i have nerds in my DMs yelling at utility classes :(

Awful tweets from an awful person 

There aren't many people I hate more than Sam Altman.

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politics, far right 

Trump's new social media site appears to be a Mastodon fork reskinned to look like a far right Twitter. (Screencaps via

i keep getting inbounds for government jobs but i just can't imagine doing that again in 2021

my work mode is: give credit to everyone (even if I did something mostly on my own), talk to people before hand to get them to sign up for something and then "volunteer" them in a meeting by saying all of the things they're good at and why I think they'd make the most sense

actually love joining a meeting and going "Well, I'm not needed here, bye!"

or honestly just take it and run it πŸ€•

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does anyone want to buy a 17 year old pet site

this will now be my space for work / tech subtwee..oots

πŸ’€ and I ended up needing to run all of the work in the breakout rooms I was in because there was no facilitation

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if you are running a long meeting please do not send the agenda 5 minutes before

anyone have any experience with partners becoming much more wealthy than them? πŸ™ƒ
Less than a year ago a company he worked at years ago went public, and continues to go up, and we went from being fairly equal (he's better w/ money than me so had lots of savings) to him being worth millions. It's weird. πŸ’€

I have like 10 unfinished blog posts and multiple projects just floating around that I've been unable to get anything past 40% πŸ™ƒ

someone come finish my work for me plz

oops I let expire again

rly need to do something with this domain this looks so good and has many things i wanted to build into glitch πŸ™ƒ

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