started the morning working with git submodules, how are you ruining your week?

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I have just released Hometown v1.0.5+3.5.2!

No new features, just bringing things up to parity with the latest Mastodon v3.5.2. Lots of cool new features thanks to their team and contributors, though.

We will have some Hometown tweaks/fixes/features coming soon though!


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If you run a #hometown server and would like to be added to the list of servers on the wiki, please let me know! (or add it yourself if you like but you need a github account)

The idea is to help people find Hometown servers to go to, and to help me get a sense of what kind of communities are using my software.

.... why is there an eye at the end of all the posts coming from my instance

Realized recently that because of Subeta, I've been on call for about 20 years.

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that will not happen again lol 🙃

WE ARE BACK..... we ran out of disk space....

i don't really know ruby so i can't wait to really dive in

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omg my mastodon instance went down 🙃

@zigler oh i think you can also upload custom css, make something cute!!

omg congratulations @zigler 👏 👏 the first ever moderator of, you can approve "trending hashtags"

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Years after my last post here, an #introduction

I’m an evolutionary biologist studying species interactions, especially mutualism. I particularly work with Joshua trees and their pollinators. I run a lot, I write, I look at plants. I expect I’ll post a lot about Star Trek.

Also just learned I’m one of the ten “most influential alumni” of the tiny Christian liberal arts college where I got my BSci, according to… this place?

okay lets say i have 40,000 64x64px images, that are beautifully hand drawn, and i want to use some magical upscaling machine learning thing to at least 2x them for retina

is there a way to do that in 2022??

hahahah expensive new monitor is bricked, and there is literally no off switch ???

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masto signup numbers 

from the join masto blog:

> The news of Elon Musk buying Twitter has put Mastodon into the public spotlight as an alternative social network, rapidly exploding our growth with over 30,000 new users in just a single day.

...are those numbers *just* / I assume there's no way to count smaller instance enrollment

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I should do an !

Hi 👋 I’m Tyler, he/him, a recovering American in London. I write about what I’m making, usually some coding project or artsy spreadsheet.

I like movies, pop punk, podcasts, and meeting new folks!

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